United We Stand (Global)

About United We Stand (Global)

Our mission is to work with children globally. Our goal is to help alleviate global children poverty. When someone think of vulnerable people-no person is more vulnerable that a child. Children lives can be affected by human abuse, war and poverty to name a few.
Poverty reduction can be done through education we believe. The methods that we implement are:mentor ship, after-school programs, summer camps and more.
To achieve this the measures we have implemented: Conducting tutoring classes with professionals,We also invite professional to gather and discuss methods that can be used to help improve education. We offer tutoring in the areas of the reading,writing, computer skills.
We also offer summer camps that introduce children to artistic expressions.
We serve children ages 3-10 basically. We have worked in the Caribbean and South America.
Our goal is to work on a global children exchange program. This program would invited children from developed nations like the U.S.-Canada-U.K. to areas like the Caribbean and South America.
We believe that an exchange program can introduce cultures to the children. It can be offering learning through fun times together. It can also develop lifetime friendships. It can also offer the opportunity to build bridges. Children sometimes learn better from their peers.
To help us with this goal we appreciate our donors who have offered a wide range of handmade products to sell.
We are thankful for our vacation and hunting donors.
We hope you will help by looking at our auction and participate. You will not only be bidding on unique items but you will be helping us reach out to children who will benefit from the funds!
After your win and payment you will be contacted about redemption of your item.
After auction please contact within 7days on how and when you will pay for your winnings.
It is important we let our donors know what was won.

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